Caring for your Trees and Shrubs

Healthy trees and shrubs give your lawn that added touch. Our full-season program helps ensure that your trees, palms, and shrubs stay beautiful all year long. (Program does not include Citrus or Fruit Trees.)

Our Tree Maintenance Plan

Sometimes a plant is in the wrong location or is just old and needs to be replaced. Notification will be given if a problem with a plant is beyond our ability to correct.

Applications of a granular fertilizer are applied during the year following the recommendations of the University of Florida. The fertilizer contains all the primary, secondary and minor elements needed to keep shrubs and trees healthy and strong.

We inspect the lawn for insects (Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms, Mole Crickets, and Grubs) during every visit. If insect infestations are found, they are treated.

The following are not included in are current maintenance program:  White Fly, Diseases, and Plant Parasitic Nematodes.  If these issues arise, a Marshall Pest Control Professional will be happy to discuss with you your options.