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Licensed and Ceritifed

We are a licensed, Certified Pest Control Company, # JB88457, with proper liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

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On Staff Degreed Horticulturist from the University of Florida and Trained Technicians by Industry Leaders.

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We are Best Management Practices (BMP’s) Certified and use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

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Seasonal Alerts

Plant frost/freeze protection: In the event of a frost/freeze you may need to cover sensitive plants. Remember that covering plants will protect more from frost than extreme cold. Covers should go all the way to the ground without touching the plant itself to reduce cold injury by trapping heat. Cloth sheets, quilts, plastic or commercial frost cloths all make good covers. These covers should be removed on sunny days to avoid heating up the air underneath too much.

January is the best time to prune non-spring flowering shrubs and trees for structure. Good tree structure is critical to avoid future damage- to your plants as well as your property and family.

Pruning Notice: To minimize reduction of next year’s flowers, prune spring-flowering plants such as azaleas, spireas, trumpet trees and dogwoods in late spring before the flower buds set for the next season

Irrigation Notice: Now is the Time to make sure your irrigation system is working properly. Don’t forget to increase your frequency to insure proper irrigation for Spring & Summer months.

Chinch Bugs and Grubs: Your Technician will be rendering insectcides June and July to prevent these pesty lawn insects.

Spiral White Fly:

Irrigation Notice: Lawn and landscape plants are dormant this time of the year and need only minimal irrigation. Watering every 10-14 days should be sufficient for most of the landscape in winter, but watch for signs of drought stress. Set your irrigation timer on manual and water only when needed! Always follow local watering restrictions.

Large Patch/Brown Patch Fungus Alert: Our Technicians will be looking for this Fungus throughout the winter and treat when present in your lawn. Make sure you have cut back your irrigation to once per week to assist us in controlling this disease.